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This is coming hot on the heels of the announcement of Resolve 16 being ' a revolution in editing'.

Even Adobe has announced new features in the latest version of Premiere Pro designed to appeal to editors.

Feels as if there's a definite power struggle building on the horizon for editing dominance.


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I have been working with Avid since the beginning and this is what I got issues with. 

1. Their title tool sucked so hard and the developers did never put any love into it. Maybe they have done something with it the last two years but I have been working with that shit forever and I really hate them for not giving me a better tool and letting me look like a joke in front of clients and directors because I couldn't do the easiest task without something going wrong. 

2. The keyframing is a joke. 

3. The MP4 compression wasn't good enough so I always had to export same as source and do the final render in the media encoder. The Sorensen integration worked seamless but it was always some data level gamma issues even though I tagged the files correct.

4. When working with interplay and Nexis etc the mxf file structure was nice. But for short form I like to have the media in named folders organized in my own system and link to the files the way I can in Premiere. AMA wasn't good enough to work this way. 

5. It was so many formats it didn't recognize, but it looks like that is sorted out now.

What I like about Avid is the following.

1. It's a better editing tool than Premiere. I feel it's so much better that it's not really worth having a discussion about it. 99% of all the features in the world is done with it.

2. WHY doesn't Premiere have a client monitor on/off button!?!

3. It's stable, Adobe launch new updates all the time with critical bugs and issues. They don't test things, and it's not funny to sit in a client session explaining why the sample plot suddenly disappeared and stupid things like that.

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I've been wondering for a while if Avid would be retiring the Symphony option, and incorporating it into the whole Ultimate/Enterprise versions.

But looking at the 'What's new for MC 2019', I read the following...

"With the Symphony option (included in most licensing options) you can now create SMPTE Standard 2067-21 IMF packages..."

So their philosophy still seems to be to have additional features (the advanced colour correction and IMF packaging) as a distinct option. It makes you wonder if there's more to come on the Symphony front ... i.e. DCP creation?

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