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Relink to a new folder

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Hi, How do i relink to a new folder directory in baselight, Eg : my folder is like DI/FILM/ONLINE FILES ,  I have same footages in another folder like DI/FILM01/ONLINE FILES , i want to relink the files to this folder, is there any way easily? Thank You.

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The easiest way is chaning the scene container path.

Daniele shows it in this video at 01:21:30  

The container should always be the root directory of the project. In your example
The media is then referenced as 

In that scenario you would just change the scene container to

If you did not setup the container correctly in the scene, you can use the Consolidate tools to fix the paths to each clip.


First, prune the part of the paths, that should be part of the container (see screenshot).
Once the Consolidate starts, cancel it immediately. We are only interested in fixing the media paths in the clips. All clips should now look like %C/ONLINE FILES/...
Then go into scene settings and set the image container to the new path.


If you only want to change a few clips, you can select them in Shots View and then use 'Conform X selected Shots' from the cog-wheel menu in shots view.


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