Margus Voll

Remote grading with Streambox or similar.

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I wonder what others use for remote sessions?

Streambox seems like a good solution but a bit pricey for small shop like mine.

Chroma models are around 10k sender and 7k receiver units so that got me thinking a bit as session frequency is not that high now.

I know there are some older models as well. Usually we do offline remote as we work on a job, send it in for comments but sometimes it seems that having agency wants to be in as well.





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I'm still thinking to use Assimilate Live Looks or similar as streaming station but you would need to rent Red 5 server separately to distribute your "signal"

Just have not had time to build d dictated pc yet as have few features at hand currently.


My end goal would be clients on iPad or such but in the end if really hard second wave happens then to be able to send one machine with calibrated display to dop to eval colors.


So let's say I send from live looks pc over sdi to that machine and server in cloud and machine that is receiver and has calibrated hd display for example.


Separate server from streambox should skip the server lag issues I hear but it is a bit more complex to set up at first.



From my gut feeling client side station with hd display should be in 4-5k ballpark.




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