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  1. Hey Stefan, Yes, I’m absolutely still interested. Remote colour musings aside, I’d be curious to hear more about your communication tool. Feel free to email me ( and we can setup a time for a phone call. Talk soon, Morgana
  2. Hey Margus! Curious to hear if you found any alternative solutions? I had the same reaction to Streambox's price. Currently working on a blog post about remote grading for freelancers during the pandemic time. Would love to hear your update if you have one.
  3. Hey Stefan! I'm a freelance colourist based in Toronto, Canada. Since the pandemic started my colour workflow has been entirely remote. If you're still doing your research, I would love to chat with you about my experience, and hopefully gain some insight from your studies. I'm a believer freelance colourists should have equal capacity for remote sessions as equipped post-houses, so it's exciting to see this as your choice of study. Best, Morgana
  4. Junior colorist searching for colorists who blog., and have a great blog output from their team members, but I'm curious if any freelance colorists out there are blogging? Maybe about their projects, personal learnings, inspiration, even technical rants. Alternatively, what do you want to hear a colorist blog about?