Bruno Mansi

Scratch 9 asking for openCL drivers

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Hi all

I'v just installed the Scratch 9 trial under windows 10 on a laptop with a Nvidia graphics chip.

On starting Scratch it's saying it can't find any OpenCL drivers, and says I should reinstall the graphics drivers.

If I click through this message it seems to work normally. I haven't done much at the moment - just brought in a couple of clips into the construct and played with some colour settings.

Do I really need OpenCL drivers? I thought most software would work either with OpenGL/CUDA or OpenCL  (in Mac based setups).


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Hi Bruno,

SCRATCH mainly works on OpenGL (i.e. all color transforms applied inside the app, etc.) .
However, debayer (for all raw formats), YUV-conversion, scopes and blurs (from a certain threshold onwards) are calculated using OpenCL.

You do not need specific "OpenCL drivers" as such.

I assume this is what happened:
Windows Update broke the Nvidia driver (it loves to do that) and as such, OpenCL support is missing.
If you start SCRATCH and click into the upper half of the screen, an info chart should fold down and show some details.
Amongst those you'll probably read "OpenCL: not supported" or something along those lines.
SCRATCH will obviously run without, but then revert back to CPU for all OpenCL tasks - which makes things rather slow.

Fix is fairly straight forward: Download and install the latest Nvidia driver (or any older version you prefer) and install that.
After a reboot, all should be good.



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Hi Mazze

Thanks for the explanation - concise and to-the-point as always!

I suspect you're right about Windows update, which is why I've installed O&O Shutup10 which prevents any updating without my specific permission.



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Cool 🙂 .
Let me know if you run into anything else!



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