Alex Winker

Music Video Cut Entirely in Resolve 15

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Whatsup folks,

Since people are starting to look at Resolve as a serious cutting tool, I figured I'd share a link to a music video I directed and cut for a local band entirely in Resolve 15. Fusion was running too slow in the betas on my computer to be usable, so the greenscreen composite plates were made in after effects. Other than that, everything was done in Resolve 15 - including the actual compositing of the VFX. Anyone else got projects they've cut entirely in Resolve? Happy to answer any questions about the experience! 


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I use Premiere Pro for editing because it can add multicam clips into another multicam clips.
'Vocalist Steadicam' multicam clip goes into 'all vocalist' multicam clip and then goes into 'all band' multicam clip and so on. As far as I know Resolve can't do this.

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