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  1. Cary Knoop

    Color Space Transform OFX 14 vs 15

    Perhaps the tone mapping algorithms have been updated? Just my opinion but I would only use tone (i.e. gamma) mapping for limiting HDR max nit output. For anything else, I would use the controls with the exception of some gamut mapping if I need to compress the gamut.
  2. Cary Knoop

    Music Video Cut Entirely in Resolve 15

    Great retro look!
  3. There are no rules, it is a personal decision. I think some before and after slides are useful as long as the before is not log footage. Going from log to Rec.709 (or any other deliverable) is simply a technical conversion it's not part of the actual grading.
  4. Cary Knoop

    16-bit Open EXR

    Because you need less bit depth in log with the same fidelity. Most of the bit depth is wasted in the highlights in linear while you need a lot of it in the shadows.
  5. Cary Knoop

    Kodak Vision 2383 Greenery Reproduction

    To use the Resolve Rec.709 Kodak 2383 LUTs I would use Cineon Log as a base, but you have to make sure the black values are slightly raised before you apply the LUT and lowered back afterwards because otherwise your blacks might clip. Soft "Video" look Hard "Film" look
  6. Cary Knoop

    RGB Qualifier

    One comment, bringing curves down eventually clips the colors, however if you bring instead the complimentary colors up you avoid clipping.
  7. Cary Knoop


    Did you mean gif or tiff , I never heard of giff.
  8. Cary Knoop

    B/W Rgb values in film stocks

    I guess this is a learning moment for me, single layer black and white film records different luminance values for red, green and blue colors?
  9. Cary Knoop

    Sharpness and resolution

    Beats me. Uploading a 4K source is much better than uploading a downsampled HD version.
  10. Cary Knoop

    Reduce edge contrast

    The easy answer is one cannot, it's technically too complicated. However if you want to spend the time processing your videos there is a script that attempts to do that and it could be used to reduce typical DVD edge "enhancement". Be prepared to spend time on finding the appropriate parameters for your video and for a processing speed of multiple seconds per frame.
  11. Cary Knoop


    I would explain to the client that old films happen to have grain and that there is nothing you can do about that. You cannot restore original content by removing grain, because grain effectively has "blocked" film detail. I think it is better to leave the grain as is, often it actually helps to increase perceptual resolution.
  12. Cary Knoop

    New to grading reel.

    I think it is better to have a very limited number of before and after views provided the before view shows the result after the technical delog. What is really important for a before and after view is what you do with the image after you have done a delog.
  13. Cary Knoop

    Saturation vs Channel Mixer

    Saturation in RGB solely depends on the largest and smallest channel value so it really does not matter what controls you use. Obviously the channel mixer has more flexibility but if you are going for saturation without changing the luminance or hue it should give the same results. I would be careful with L*a*b. While this colors pace is unquestionably superior in modeling the perceived distance between two colors scaling *a and *b can cause hue changes, notably blue becoming purple. At the end it all boils down to creative intent but it is important to be aware of potential gotchas with L*a*b. A simple trick to compare the different methods is to create a layer node use a method for each node and use a Difference Composite Mode in the Layer Mixer to observe the differences.
  14. Cary Knoop

    Mp4 h.264 export from DaVinci Resolve

    You can set the bit rate in Resolve as well. I think AME and Resolve are of comparable quality, that is both are not super great. One problem I notice is that Resolve does not dither (very well) from 10 to 8 bit. If you have 10 bit or above sources it may be better to encode using ffmpeg.
  15. Cary Knoop

    Node based generator access

    If you save the code in a file with an extension .dctl (make sure there are no spaces in the file name) and then place the file in the folder DCTL (you can find this folder under the LUT folder) and start Resolve it should come up in the DCTL menu.