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  1. While AE and Resolve/Fusion both have various trackers (AE comes with MochaAE included) , neither have the PowerMesh option found in Mocha Pro. Whether you need it depends on the types of projects you are trying to do. 😉 You can download and install a 15 day Mocha Pro trial for free.
  2. Nice post! Looking forward to checking out Lee's new course.
  3. Mocha AE is included free in After Effects and then yes, Mocha Pro OFX will run as a plugin inside Fusion. This video covers the basic roto with Mocha in Fusion workflow: and a PowerMesh tip for Fusion users:
  4. One of the nice things about Mocha Pro is that you can run it inside After Effects, Fusion, Nuke and Flame so it is very flexible for sharing roto and tracking between a lot of users and hosts. When you you use the native tools in Fusion or AE, there is less shareable workflow aspect to consider as well. Also to mention, almost all the companies who specialize in roto outsourcing use Silhouette, which has the most robust tool set for roto and paint.
  5. Glad that you liked Mocha Pro's Remove module. Yes - interpolating clean plates is a powerful way to clean up and remove objects over dramatic lighting changes without manual keyframing. Again, inside Resolve as OFX plug-in, Mocha Pro's remove module does not currently work. This is due to the way Resolve gives frame access to OFX plug-ins. However, the Remove Module does work in the Mocha Pro stand alone application OR the Adobe, Avid or Fusion plug-in.
  6. To be clear, Mocha tracking and masking is embedded in most Continuum and Sapphire filters. Mocha can drive the BCC Remover filter (found in Image Restoration group) which is essentially a clone based on Mocha tracking. Mocha Pro (standalone or plug-in) has the Remove Module which has a more advanced Remove Module that uses temporal frame access to remove objects, wires and create clean plates. More info found here: Last note: Mocha Pro OFX is supported in Nuke, Fusion, Vegas & HitFIlm. For Resolve, the Remove Module is not supported in Resolve yet due to Resolves OFX implementation.
  7. Boris FX is giving away 5 free OFX plug-ins for 360 video post for the month of May. Details found here: Enables a workflow to reorient, add titles and sharpen on equirectangular mono & stereo footage.