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  1. Hi Folks Well I must say that I'm quite impressed and I'm really looking forward for getting 9.1 into production. Timeline sorting, animation curve updates with new hotkeys, color grid, multichannel EXR read (-also write?), and updated SCRATCH-to-Nuke is looking really great. Cheers Johs
  2. -quite aggressive and over the top marketing. Everything Black Magic Design sells is: "...the most advanced in the world...", "...the industry’s most powerful..." and "...the greatest in the world..." etc. It's been a few years since I used Fusion so I'm not quite up to date on that, but I use Nuke almost every day. Both are powerful node based compositors. Fusion have perhaps a bit wider tool set, for-instance more/better particles, 3D rendering and 3D text. Nuke focuses on comp and can handle hugely complex comps. It has very good keying and image manipulation tools, and you can have control of almost everything. -and the inbuilt 3D camera tracker in Nuke is quite good and handy. -but the particles is a pain, and 3D work is primitive.
  3. Hi Guys. I made some tests about this some time ago for our workflow. I tested render speeds of the same shot from Scratch to different formats and compression's: Write speeds: 12s - DPX (16.56 fps) 18s - EXR - B44 (11.68 fps) 18s - EXR - B44A (11.72 fps) 19s - EXR - DWAA (10.66 fps) 20s - EXR - RLE (10.51 fps) 21s - EXR - none (10.05 fps) 22s - EXR - ZIP (9.61 fps) 26s - EXR - ZIPS (8.06 fps) 26s - EXR - PIZ (8.13 fps) 30s - EXR - DWAB (6.94 fps) 33s - EXR - PXR24 (6.28 fps) -And read speeds in nuke of the frames from scratch: (the results here is only for one frame, but I did the test for 100 frames as well. For 100 frames the numbers are just higher all around, but the resulting order is the same, and the smaller numbers are easier to relate to) Read speeds: 53ms - EXR none 54ms - DPX 65ms - EXR RLE 87ms - EXR ZIP 302ms - EXR DWAA 380ms - EXR PXR24 398ms - EXR ZIPS 404ms - EXR B44 411ms - EXR B44a 471ms - EXR PIZ 847ms - EXR DWAB -and file sizes also played a part in our evaluation: We decided to use EXR DWAA as our all round got to format as it seems to suit our needs and is quite good all around. If we need super high quality we go with PIZ or ZIP. I know thees read and write speeds is not the same for all tools and it might also depend on hardware, but it is what I needed for our pipeline. Cheers Johs