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Setting up a new Flanders Scientific DM240

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I'm a new member of the Lowepost family and a young aspiring colorist who saved up to buy a reference grade monitor. However, I am not 100% of how to set up my new DM240 for accurate monitoring. Flanders themselves offer a tutorial generally describing the process of profiling for generation of a monitor LUT, however FS tech support told me no calibration was necessary and didn't mention anything regarding monitoring LUTs. From previous experience, I am led to believe that generating a monitor LUT to be used on Resolve Color Management is absolutely necessary for accurate monitoring, but what I do not know is exactly what settings to tweak in both the monitor and the calibration software, in my case, DisplayCAL since I can't afford FSI's own $550 USD iProfiler/CalMAN bundle. 

Most of my work is for web, seldom any TV work. So should I mess with the monitor's luminance? Should I be using Video or Data as my SDI level? What settings should I tweak when setting up the calibration in DisplayCAL?

I am aware that monitor calibration is no easy subject, but I'm willing to learn and offer any additional information that might help me with my journey as a colorist.

Thank you!

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The FSI monitors are factory calibrated and should be accurate out of the box. 

I think the brightness is set to 100 nits by default, and the monitor expects video levels by default, so just check that the monitor output from your software is set to video levels.

And check that gamma and colorspace in the monitor are what you want to use.

That's all.

I think when I got my FSI, i didn't have to change any settings, just plugged it in and everything was correct for rec709 by default.

Calibration-wise I would just verify the calibration time to time with a puck, and if it starts drifting, send the monitor to FSI for free recalibration (you pay the shipping)







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