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Getting scene and take number metadata from R3d files into Premiere

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Hi folks,

I'm having trouble with Premiere and Resolve not understanding the scene and take metadata contained inside r3d files. On a shoot I diligently logged the takes and scenes into the camera metadata on the red. 

Red cine X shows the correct information as shot. This was simply the Scene and Take numbers we created as we shot the material. (see below)

Resolve sees the Scene as description and the Take as the Take. Which is good enough to make it somewhat useful. 

However, by default Premiere sees neither of these bits of metadata information. People have suggested exporting an XML from Redcine X. That only imports the scene number but not the take.

Surely this information is super useful. So why the heck is it so hard to actually get an editing system to actually read it? Also Premier and resolve don't seem to understand the metadata when I move between the apps in XML.

Also when I export an XML out of Redcine X it mangles the embedded audio tracks. They appear off-line and want to reconnect to non-existent files. So the only way I can get any Scene metadata into Premiere causes the timeline to become essentially corrupted. 

Any clues here? I'm trying to find a way to make this process streamlined and organised but it's proving to be very messy.

Love to hear any theories.




Resolve sees the info in a slightly wrong way but at least it's there. Scene is mapped to description and take appears as take:



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Can't really comment on your particular workflow, as in the past I've used a Resolve-to-Avid-to-Resolve workflow. What I did find was that when transcoding in Resolve (Red to DNX) the metadata in the transcoded file didn't carry any shot/scene /take information to Avid.

What I was able to do was create an ALE file (Avid Log Exchange) in Resolve, which when brought into Avid and linked to the media, would display the additional metadata. Not much help to you and I can see you tried a similar thing with XML which doesn't seem to have worked.

BTW, are the two examples you show from the same clip?  I ask because the Redcine X image shows Scene 3 whereas the Resolve Description field shows 1.

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Thanks Bruno, I had another look at it today. I managed to solve the issue in Resolve by "Exporting metadata to" in the edit page. Opening the csv file in Numbers then creating a new field for Scene and pasting the data from the Desc field into the new  Scene field. I then used "Import Metadata to"  to update the metadata in resolve. 

(And yes I think I incorrectly pasted the wrong screenshot above.) 

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Premiere allows much changing of the metadata shown in the Project panel/list view. Some times you can go through the major list of metadata types and find the data from particular camera meta available, and select that to show in a custom metadata view. Included are various listings for shot and take number and other data, some of which when selected pull certain things out of file header meta. So you have to mess with them some at times to find one that pulls the data you need.



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