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  1. Which 'default' presets are you referring to? Export? Premiere is supposed to be set to process exports to the bitdepth of the format/codec chosen. If it isn't for some reason that's naturally a problem. I know there are for some users issues with the DNxHD in high bitdepth 12 bit files. I've seen a few people say that Premiere only does ProRes in 8-bit. But I can't replicate that on my Win10 machine. Not saying it doesn't happen on yours, just that on mine, ProRes works as expected in Premiere. Actually, both in Premiere and in Resolve. I just ... again ... tested by exporting a Pr
  2. The Adobe developers are working at adding in color management options and they are coming in piecemeal and are a bit confusing at times. The basic structure is they are adding is the ability to set color space for clips in the bins for media clips, a working color space in the Sequence settings, in the Scopes panel, and in export settings. Currently the only media types you can set or override color space for are ProRes and Sony XAVC-Intra media. Select one or more clips in a bin, right-click/Modify/Interpret Footage. Currently options are Rec.709, Rec.2100HLG, and Rec.2100PQ. The
  3. Premiere allows much changing of the metadata shown in the Project panel/list view. Some times you can go through the major list of metadata types and find the data from particular camera meta available, and select that to show in a custom metadata view. Included are various listings for shot and take number and other data, some of which when selected pull certain things out of file header meta. So you have to mess with them some at times to find one that pulls the data you need. Neil
  4. I know it's a bit late, but I just joined Lowepost. This answer will help anyone else who wonders about this. Any of the included mogrts templates can be modified and used as you wish for any purpose. Also, there are many free mogrts in the Adobe Stock service that you can download/install and use as you wish. Neil