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I work 90% of the time on the Resolve, but sometimes I get to work on the baselight. 


On an older  version, I remember, I could key (luma, sky etc) from the source. Even if I was way down the stack, there used to be an option. Now I can't find it. 

Can anyone help me? 


Many thanks. 


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Hi Julien,

I am not sure what you mean exactly?

(a) do you want to pull the key from the ungraded source, so that the matte gets generated from the source?
Whenever you add a keying operator to a layer, Baselight automatically adds a Reference strip above the key for selecting the key source. The default in the reference strip is to key from the ungraded source. If you want to change that behaviour, just select the Reference strip and select another source.

(b) do you want to blend back the ungraded source image with key?
Add a new layer, key the area you are interested in, Open the layer blending pop-up in the 'Result Blending' section via the small icon, On the right b-branch select 'Blend with: RAW image'. Check 'Use Matte: For Blend'. Then move the result blending slider to the right side to blend back the source inside the key.

Cheers, Andy

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