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  1. Hi, Anyway to turn off the new gallery function in 15. I liked how it was. I dont like that it’s moving when I compare or put on another grade whilst I'm just mousing over the gallery. Thanks.
  2. I prefer external scan, looks much better. With an overlay blend, there should be no difference (except the grain of course) Just found out that my colorspace was wrong in the grain strip and that's why the image got darker......it was set to rec709 instead of log c wide gamut. Glad i found out, everything looks much better now:-)
  3. Hi, I'm a freelance colorist who works 80% of the time on Resolve and now and then on the baselight. On Resolve I often use cinegrain and wanted to do the same in Baselight.. As I put the grain at the bottom of the stack with a blend overlay, the shot becomes darker. Is that normal or is it some parameter I dont know about? //Julien