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I'm grading a feature shot with the Canon C300 that used Canon Cinema Gamut/Log2. For my workflow I'm using DaVinci Color Managed with a Rec709 timeline, Canon Cinema Gamut/Log2 input color space, and no LUTs. For the most part it's fairly straight forward but there are several shots with a large dynamic range and I'm having an issue handling the highlights. To bring the highlights into legal range I'm using a mix of controls (gain, high soft, log), but by the time the highlights are in range I end up pushing the rest of the image to a range that I'm not happy with. Also, the brighter regions are really blue/magenta which is not pleasant. 

Wondering if anyone has experience working with Canon Log footage and could provide any insight. 

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I would with pulling a key for the highlights and make sure you give yourself enough roll off to smooth it out. Can always add a slight denoise or blur if it gets choppy. From there make all your adjustments with the highlights isolated before going into LLG and use that to smooth

Might also have luck removing the CT on the clip prior to the pipeline and putting a CT in a node after adjustments. I’ve done this and blended back parts of the image later down the road.

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