Chris Hart

Shift V - Select clip based on playhead position (QOL)

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Hey folks, I came across a neat shortcut today, Shift+V, it selects the clip under your playhead, and makes for handy speed life! I quite often have to reframe shots for the various ratios of modern day life (Social Media for example!) and there are times I trip up and forget to select the clip I need to reframe. Shift V fixes that! Proceeds to Move the playhead, shift V, and reframe! Bliss! Protip: Keybind it to something more useful to your workflow, 

I feel like I never had this problem in Premiere though, it used to know what clip I wanted somehow and I could just zip through the timeline and reframe as I watched! Maybe I'm mis-remembering but... It felt like this and many other things were swifter! If anyone else has some Quality of Life improvements to share I'm all ears; here's some more:

'x' - Creates In/Out points based on selected clip

'Shift+[/]' Trim start / end to playhead

'Cmd+Shift+[/]' Ripple Trim start/end to playhead (Q/W in Premiere)

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