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ALEXA 35/Ravengrade/ Arri Reference Tool

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Here is a workflow with Screengrabs and instructions on REDUSER of how to do what you asked , since I think screengrabs are looked down upon here, the link is below.




Here's the Lut I made in Resolve with Ravengrade and the final ALF-4 look file. I just pulled the grade  out of my A** as a sample look so....




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ARRI_Reference_Tool_GUI_1_4_0_Release_Notes.pdfHow to adapt any LUT for the Alexa 35


Cullen Kelly shows how to make a lut compatible with the Arri Alexa 35 camera with the new Lut creation workflow inside of the ARRI Reference Tool version 1.4          

Link to ARRI Reference Tool version 1.4 download 

ARRI Reference Tool | Learn & Help

Link to ARRI Reference Tool version 1.4 PDF linked below.ARRI_Reference_Tool_GUI_1_4_0_Release_ARRI_Reference_Tool_GUI_1_4_0_Release_Notes.pdfNotes.pdf


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