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Has anyone ever faced issues, while grading where they sometimes push skin tones to lil red or green and later notice that it's not a perfect skin tone. What is the best way to notice these changes and what should be the color of skin tone? I know there is a skin tone indicator in resolve but that never works accurately.

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I think an even more important question is, "What is a perfect skin tone?".

In real life, skin tones will change a lot depending on the surrounding light.
Since skin tones can vary a lot, within certain neighbouring hue-ranges. 
Which direction you like to push them during grading depends on taste.

"Real" vs "Unreal" colours in any given lighting situation. i.e. comparing skin tone under normal sunlight vs under sodium vapour light-sources vs fluorescent light vs cheap LED-light etc.

As you mentioned, many feel that skin tones "must" line-up to the i-line (often called skin tone line) on the vector scope.
This can be a good point of reference, but then we are back to what skin tones would really look like in real life.
However, we don´t always want realisme.

For maintaining consistent skin tones through out a scene or an entire movie, I find that using the Resolve-lightbox and viewing several images side by side can really help catching skin tones that have drifted off a bit. Another trick is to qualify the skin tone you like, make a mental note of where on the vector scope it lies, and then compare this "reference" hue with skin tones on other shots, and adjust accordingly.

Not sure if this answered your question though B.)




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I found changing viewing position helps a lot.

For example sit on client sofa, turn off interface and grading monitors and watch from there, playing your program on the client TV.

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