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Texture Management Part 2: Andy Minuth

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In Part 1, FilmLight's Daniele Siragusano explained the theoretical foundation of Baselight's next-generation texture tools.

In Part 2, Colourist Andy Minuth puts these tools to practical use. He covers all of the features based on FilmLight's advanced frequency separation techniques: Texture Equaliser, Texture Highlight and Texture Blend.

Andy showcases real-world examples and explains why the colourist community has adopted them so quickly. 

To watch Part 1 with Daniele Siragusano: vimeo.com/324224323

To watch Part 2 with Andy Minuth: vimeo.com/342991027

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Wow, This is all very interesting. Does anyone know of a way to manipulate frequencies like this in Resolve?

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