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Stabilise VR 180

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Hi, I'm looking to stabilise some VR 180 footage in Davinci Resolve Studio 18. VR 180 is stereoscopic, hemispherical, eqirectangular projection, side-by-side. I was hoping this course,  would tell me how to do it, but not quite. It explains the spherical stabiliser and working with stereoscopic material, but not the two combined. The issue is that whatever stabilisation you do to one eye, you need to do the same to the other. Does the spherical stabiliser know about and handle stereoscopic? Can it work with 180 instead of 360, or do I need to transform 180->360, then back again? Do I need to use the stereo disparity node, stabilise one eye, then somehow apply the transformations to the other eye? Any pointers appreciated.

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I had a similar question on the VR 360 stabilization, with top/bottom configuration, but it seems that nobody experienced it. What I am trying is to split the two eyes and use the spherical stabilizer on one eye only, then apply the same stabilization to the other eye.

You can achieve this using a "splitter" and then "combiner" tool in Fusion.

Did you find any other solution?

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