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  1. Thanks Luca, to be honest, I didn't get round to looking at it and got busy with other things. I will give it a go with the splitter and combiner at some point and report back here.
  2. I'm just looking into DaVinci Resolve at the moment, but I happened to watch these two videos a couple of days ago: Fast, Easy Video Stabilization in DaVinci Resolve 17 Locked-On Stabilization Effect | DaVinci Resolve 17 Are either of those techniques what you are looking for?
  3. Hi, I'm looking to stabilise some VR 180 footage in Davinci Resolve Studio 18. VR 180 is stereoscopic, hemispherical, eqirectangular projection, side-by-side. I was hoping this course, would tell me how to do it, but not quite. It explains the spherical stabiliser and working with stereoscopic material, but not the two combined. The issue is that whatever stabilisation you do to one eye, you need to do the same to the other. Does the spherical stabiliser know about and handle stereoscopic? Can it work with 180 instead of 360, or do I need to transform 180->360, then back again? Do I need to use the stereo disparity node, stabilise one eye, then somehow apply the transformations to the other eye? Any pointers appreciated.