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ACES workflow between DaVinci and Fusion

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Hello everyone! Initially I have posted this message on Blackmagic Design Fusion FB group but haven't got any answers (at least not yet) - trying my luck here to see if anyone is able to help...

I have a question reg. ACES workflow between DaVinci and Fusion and I would love to get some advice.

This project has been shot on Sony FS7 and I decided to use ACES workflow for VFX. Upon importing XML to Resolve I change Color science to: ACEScc, ACES 1.0.3. My ACES IDT is Sony SLog3 SGamut3Cine and my ODT is set to No Output Transform (which is a bit counter-intuitive for me, but apparently correct). Process Node LUTs in ACEScc AP1 Timeline Space (not that it matters here). Using that setup I'm assuming I'm getting EXRs (16bit half-float with ZIP1 compression) that are in ACES color space (reading them in as ACES2065-1 later on).

Now, I want to change my pipeline from Nuke to Fusion. In Nuke, I was setting color management as OCIO with aces_1.0.3 config file being referenced. Working space: ACES2065-1, same for 16-bit files. Then sRGB (ACES) LUT. Finally, exporting each comp with exactly the same settings as from Resolve. Whatever happens next is relatively easy - I need to export ACES EXR sequence to match DaVinci settings, that's a bit vague as to what ACES settings need to be set here (to match "no OTD" in DaVinci), but this can be tested and figured out.

I believe this workflow to be correct - please correct me if you think something is off.

How do I replicate this workflow in Fusion? There is no documentation for Fusion 9 and amount of information about working in ACES, both in general and using Fusion, is very limited. As far as I know, I have to:
- Import my ACES EXR image sequence and create OCIOColorSpace node
- Reference OCIO config file (1.0.3)
- Set Source Space as ACES2065-1
- Set Output Space to... what? This is where I am getting confused. What do I set here exactly? I don't want any conversion to happen, I just want to make sure that Fusion "sees" this image sequence as ACES EXRs and that I am working in Linear colour space... I am trying to set this using different Output Spaces but I cannot replicate the look that I am getting in Nuke...
- I understand that I also need to choose OCIOColorSpaceViewLUT and reference config file up there one more time, then set Source Space as ACES2065-1 and Output Space as Output - sRGB (for example).

Any thoughts, comments and advice would be highly appreciated... And also links and pointers to some further reading. Thank you so much!

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If you render out of Resolve with "no ODT", you would bring those shots back as "no IDT".

In Fusion you'd use OCIO only for viewing, but not for rendering.




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