Clément Bouchet

Calibration tools for HP DreamColor Z27x Studio Display

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Hi everyone,

I'm living in Sydney and I would like to contact a professional who could calibrate my Z27x. Do you know someone guys?

Or find the right equipment to calibrate it myself. What I found online and on the manual was really confusing:

SpectralCal C6? i1Basic Pro 2? Minolta? and which software?

My budget is $300-$700 AUS. (software include)

I'm not asking to find the information for me but I would like to know if you already know about this calibration process. 

I'm still going to call the HP technical support but I wanted to ask you. The community has always been really useful in the past.

Thank you very much!


(And sorry for my poor english)

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Hi Clement,

I assume you're talking about the Dreamcolor Calibration solution. This contained the HP branded version of the i1 display, as the retail version supposedly doesn't work with the 27X. There is an OEM version of this probe available, and this is the one that is meant to be used with calibration software like Lightspace CMS and Calman,

You can see it here...

I'm wondering if this HP branded probe is in fact also the OEM version. Maybe you could contact someone at Light Illusion and see if they can advise?  Steve Shaw (who works at Light Illusion) is very knowledgeable about these things, and he often posts on the Lift Gamma Gain forums, so you could try posting there.

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Getting an accurate calibration on an HP Dreamcolor is pretty much impossible. I've never seen two Dreamcolors next to each other that match. Better off getting an Eizo or FSI.

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