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  1. Marcelo Cosme

    Colorfront Transkoder

    Hi, what are the benefits (or not) of using Colorfront Transkoder to create the IMF for Netflix Dolby Vsion instead of using the Davinci Resolve Studio 15?
  2. Marcelo Cosme

    Zotac Geforce Gtx 1080 Ti Amp Edition 11gb

    Intel I7 8 Gen...
  3. Marcelo Cosme

    Zotac Geforce Gtx 1080 Ti Amp Edition 11gb

    Thanks Chris, I use PCI SSD and RAID to work.
  4. Marcelo Cosme

    Online view

    Hi, I'm making the color of a movie, but the director and photographer are not following the grade. They are in another state. What is the best form of online presentation, I currently upload a Prores422HQ. Being this a form of visualization, which is the best player to have no errors of gamma, etc ... Always I have fear of who the client not really seeing the material as it should be seen.
  5. Marcelo Cosme

    Zotac Geforce Gtx 1080 Ti Amp Edition 11gb

    Hi. Zotac Geforce Gtx 1080 Ti Amp Edition 11gb is good to color grading 4k HDR? I have win10 PC with 32GB RAM, more RAM is good to this work too? Thanks!
  6. Marcelo Cosme

    ACES or Color Space Transform?

    Hi everyone, I'll start grading a short and he will be attending festivals, so my idea is to deliver 2 final files, in different color spaces, Rec709 and P3. In addition the trailer will have an HDR version. My initial idea was to do everything through ACES since my material is RED, but I'm not 100% comfortable in using ACES, I had some problems with an F55 material ... So I'm thinking of using the Color Space Transform directly in the Nodes . What do you think? Do you advise using it?
  7. Marcelo Cosme

    HDR calibration monitor

    Hello, I use DisplayCAL to calibrate my reference monitor through Davinci Resolve (SpectralCal CalMAN). Currently I have acquired a 4k UHD monitor that recognizes 100% REC 709, 97.7% DCI-P3, 76.9% REC2020 ... What is the best way to do the calibration? Do I use the standard Resolve Rec709 D65 or should I try to change to HDR D65 Rec 2020?
  8. Marcelo Cosme

    HDR Monitor

    I'm starting to study HDR and at the moment I can not buy a Flanders or Dolby. Here in Brazil everything costs 6x more ... I have a Dell U2718q that says 4k HDR. Do anyone know this monitor or can tell me if I can get good results with it? In the manual says it reaches 550 nits ... In a few months I should buy a LG C8 but at the moment my hope is Dell ... Thanks!
  9. Marcelo Cosme

    HDR SDR Workflow

    Hello everyone. I'm starting to study HDR color correction. Currently working / studying on a Win10 station running Davinci R15 Studio, Decklink Mini Monitor 4k and 3 Dell monitor, being 2 1080 (GUI and Scope) and a 4k HDR (model: UP2718Q) connected to Decklink through the HDMI port using an Atevon cable 4K. I know it's not the best setup for HDR, but it's a Home Office workstation, and I do not think anyone can have a Dolby Pulsar at home ... I did some tests, viewing on LG TVs B7 through Youtube and worked well the HDR that I rated in Resolve. But now I would like to take a step forward, I want to be able to simultaneously view the HDR and SDR classification using 2 monitors. I know the process of using the Right Eye / Left Eye stereo grading tools to make adjustment passes for Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) / High Dynamic Range (HDR) color gradients. My questions now are what I need to change in my current setup and how to do this split signal, right eye monitor SDR, left eye Monitor HDR for example. I can send through my Decklink Mini Monitor, send 2 signals one through the HDMI to one monitor and another through the SDI to another monitor using an SDI to HDMI converter? Or I need to buy another card with DeckLink 8K Pro for example and an SDI to HDMI converter (remembering that it's home, I need the best cost benefit) ... How do I specify which monitor is the HDR and what is the SDR? Thank you!
  10. Marcelo Cosme

    B/W Rgb values in film stocks

    Thanks, I was browsing through the cell phone and did not even realize it was just the spacing between the numbers.
  11. Marcelo Cosme

    Questions and Rational Workflow

    Thanks Emily... I know it's a very personal matter.
  12. Marcelo Cosme

    B/W Rgb values in film stocks

    Hi Abby. I did not understand your numbering .. I use the Davinci in RGB mixer I have only -2 up to 2 ...
  13. Marcelo Cosme

    Questions and Rational Workflow

    Thank you Abby. I have my workflow, and it works ... But I wonder if there is a common sense among colorists or if each follows their own instinct (laughs) ... Many colorists came from the days of the film, and of course there was a pattern of work. Today with so much tool, so many cams and so many codecs, there are a thousand ways of doing the same thing.
  14. Hello. I have some questions and would like your help. 1 - Do you frequently use Printer Lights? 2 - Do the classifications via LOG Wheels or PRIMARY Wheels? 3 - Do you use any base structure of nodes? Example: Node 1: NR, Node 2: Primary, Node 3: Saturation, etc ... 4 - Noise Reduction use at what stage of the process? I always use it as the first node, but I already got good results putting NR after the primaries ... I'm creating a workflow for a series that I start coloring now in June. At first I think of working in this format: Node 1: General Printer Lights (I have many scenes pulling into the green) Node 2: Log Wheel Expo (Blacks + Contrast + Pivot) Node 3: Log Wheel WB (Correction in Shadows, Mids, Highlights) "if necessary" Node 4 or more: Start Creative Look ... I know color correction has no recipe, but I would like to have a rational workflow to work with my assistants and other colorists remotely.
  15. Marcelo Cosme

    Time of color correction

    Many thanks to everyone for sharing information. And how good it is to have a channel like Lowepost, where at any moment a guy like @Mitch Paulson comes in and writes about Sicario and Deakins ... Thanks!