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  1. Thanks for this great work Kevin. One note: in lesson 2 sending a premiere project to Davinci Resolve you skipped over sending audio from premiere to resolve and said to just render out a steep mixdown. This is generally always my workflow when grading, but given the Fairlight integration it would be useful to know how to get a working audio timeline into resolve as this is generally the thing that messes up. would have also liked some discussion around retiming and speed ramp issues as well as the difference between the types of effects transferable over aafs and xmls. Thanks for all your hard work!
  2. You can trim red media using the media management window. No transcoding is required.
  3. In digital cameras the green channel contains more detail than the red and blue channels. Most digital cameras have twice as many green filters on the sensor than blue or red, because the human eye is more sensitive to green.
  4. It'll often also stop when it encounters an online clip, and usually a different clip each time.
  5. I've never got resolve media management to successfully work so this is a good alternative.