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  1. Yes, I found the same solution 3 days ago and it worked. Thank you.
  2. hello guys, Need help asap. I pressed the auto save button in davinci resolve 15. Suddenly, it crashed. Now I cannot even open resolve so I can backup my Projects , and I cannot find the directory of the project files. Please help! It's a long and important project. Davinci resolve 15 studio Using macbook Pro 2017
  3. Hey everyone, I need a little help here. I have a Project shot on Red Epic (Prores 444, 2k), I'll be color grading on davinci resolve 15 studio. This Project will be Projected in Cinemas (DCP, and Private watching on Tv) So my question is should I Work on Rec 709 output and than convert it to DPC using DCP O-matic ? Or should I Work on P3 Color Space output ? (I will be using Ipp2) Thanks for the help !!