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  1. Hi Alexander so I think all of the above tricks and tips should work. My trick in situation like this is using the same shot but color for skin only. Like get the best skin I can so I could key it later with parallel or in mistika we have recovery mode.
  2. Hi There Alexander I think you try to get something that is impossible or at list can look strange. Usually when a skin is in this conditions as yours. cold blue or worm yellow it also effect the skin. Meaning that the skin won't stay natural anymore and it must have the effect of the look. the same goes for bright light and dark. skin is effected from those and can't stay natural. and for the technical side there is no "goto tool" for this or that. you should try all the tools in order to achive what you want. the best way is to try until you get there. its
  3. Hi there Thanks a lot for that article ūüôŹ in mistika the printer lights tools can be break or gang for black point and White point. Meening that if you break the gang. You can substract or add to either blacks or white. You can use it as contrast as well if you -1 for black and +1 for white. Hope it helps Yoav.
  4. If it works in avid then I’ll render it out from there as a single shot. Same as in premier If not it’s sent to VFX dept.
  5. Our team From Edit Studios and me are going to Demo our workflow at SGO Booth IBC 2018 Come And say hello https://www.sgo.es/ibc-2018-sgo-to-host-industry-expert-sessions-highlighting-hollywood-feature-film-workflow-and-high-end-vr-production/?affiliates=02e74f10e0327ad868d138f2b4fdd6f0&cmid=40
  6. Hi there Nicolas I think in resolve you can use the curve Y only cheers Yoav
  7. My 2nd Home @"Edit Studios" Mistika 4k With Barco 2k 12c Projector and FSI CM250 www.editstudios.com
  8. Hi all here are 2 new insight Training videos by Mistika Insight Instructor Francisco Ramos https://www.sgo.es/forums/topic/mistika-insight-refresh-webinar/ https://www.sgo.es/forums/topic/mistika-insight-webinar-02-the-color-grade-node/ Enjoy Yoav Raz
  9. Run it through a VHS machine is the best way. Desaturated and add some sut back into red channel, I also run this vhs tape and while capturing it i played with the cables to get some analog drops. and also run black tape and captured the signal and key it over some shots to get this broken signal. cropped to 4:3.
  10. There is another grate tutorial by Nicholas Recagno demonstrating Frequency Separation on Mistika.
  11. Hi Yoav, how are things?

    Last thing I heard you also switched to Mistika. I've been doing quite a lot of jobs on it recently.

    What are your feelings about it?

    All the best,


    1. Yoav Raz

      Yoav Raz

      Hi peter

      i really enjoyed reading your post on the film process.

      Yes the Studio i was working at "Edit Studios" decided to go for mistika and we have a very nice suit.

      I love the  system and the "all in one" capability 

      the support from SGO is unbelievable and basically you learn a lot each day.

      The baslight suite at cinapost were we met for the course

      was closed few weeks ago. sorry for them but you know

      you need someone that operate the machine and that can handle the clients.

      I'm very glad to here from you and will be in touch.


      Hope all is good with you Thanks





  12. Yoav Raz


    Thanks a lot A grate review very interesting.
  13. Thanks a lot for sharing all those details and knowledge. its sound fascinating process. @Peter Bernaers
  14. Thanks a lot for sharing all those details and knowledge. its sound fascinating process. @Peter Bernaers
  15. Genarts Sapphire Use a lot for lens flare