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  1. Many people are having issue that they can't be able to watch Stranger Things season 4 on Netflix due to region issues. You will find this guide really helpful with easy steps you can follow to Watch Stranger Things Season 4 on Netflix. I have helped many people in other forums to resolve their issue regarding this series. I'm sure many of you will appreciate the information I have provided here.
  2. Monitors have really good color science in its display. But standing today, I would say it is more of an inclination for Mac which makes apple users say that to avoid what we call in marketing post-purchase dissonance. PC provides a lot of flexibilities to you in terms of upgrading/ customizing your setup which can become very costly in a Mac. If you are willing to use Final Cut Pro X for color grading then Mac will be the choice since it is not available for windows. Adobe premiere pro runs on both and is also widely used for color grading. One of the other popular softwares is Da Vinci Resolve. It is supported by both Windows and Mac.
  3. Hello, I'm trying to install a Windows 11 on my laptop but it is showing me error of TPM 2.0 compatibility. This is the processor currently running in my laptop. Can you guys guide me if there is a problem with my CPU. If it is then pls suggest me compatible CPU with my current LAPTOP: Asus A53Z-NS61
  4. I also need help in recovering data