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Storage for color colorgrading

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All depends on your budget.

Your Thunderbolt port will allow you to connect anything from a simple external SSD drive (1 to 4TB) right up an external RAID enclosure with 6 or 8 Drive slots.

The cheaper SSD drives will be SATA, so will give you around 500 - 1000MB/s.  A proper Thunderbolt SSD should give you speeds similar to your internal drive.

A Thunderbolt RAID system will give much better storage capacity and performance , especially if you populate it with SSD drives, although this starts to become quite expensive. RAID systems can also offer protection against a drive failure if you're happy to trade some performance and storage capacity.

Look at manufacturers such as Promise or OWC.

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Thank you for your answer.

What do you think about OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual RAID USB 3.1 with HDD drives WD NASware Red WD10EFRX? Will it be comfortable to work? Or, for example, use G-Technology 4TB G-DRIVE USB 3.0 Desktop External Hard Drive. I don't have a big budget. Please advise a not expensive solution.

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You need to think about whether speed or space is your primary concern.

The OWC, with it's USB Gen3.1 interface is quoting around 400MB/s, but I'd be surprised if you get this with two spinning hard drives. It's more likely you might achieve this with SSD drives.

The G-technology is only USB 3.0 and quotes specs around half the speed of the OWC.

If you're simply working at HD, then these interfaces should suffice, but if you want to work with 4K material, you're likely to need more speed. Things like Resolve caches/renders really benefit from fast storage (like NVME storage). You might be able to use your internal SSD for these caches, which should achieve read/write speeds in excess of 2000MB/s

Having Thunderbolt 3 storage with SSDs is going to achieve the best speeds. If you only need a TB of storage, then getting something like the  Samsung X5 (with it's Thunderbolt 3 interface) would give you speeds of around 2500MB/s

Puget have an article about hardware recommendations for Resolve, and include a section about storage.

Have a look at...


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