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Color Space Transform OOTF?

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Hi everyone!

I noticed those 2 extra options in the Advanced submenu of the Color Space Transform OFX like you can see below:


I noticed that when Forward OOTF is ticked, then the footage appears darker than without it being ticked.

And when Inverse OOTF is being ticked, then the footage appears lighter than without it being ticked.

What are these options for? And when should they be or not ticked? Couldn't find anything about that in the manual.

Many thanks!



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Chapter 8 of the v17 manual, "Data Levels, Color Management, and ACES" (starting on p. 181), does at least mention OOTF. There's a course here on Lowepost that covers Resolve Color management in detail:


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Hi Marc!

Thank you so much for your anwser! Such a pleasure to read you, I saw you rencently in the Learn with Masters Masterclass and really loved your input!

Actually having seen the lowepost masterclass on colour management and double checked the resolve manual, the only mention of OOTF that i found is this one.259275070_Capturedecran2021-07-11a11_38_39.thumb.png.96990dd756a6185bb3ddf01ee7dd4922.png

And unfortunatly could'nt find any explanation on what these 2 options do and when they should be used. (Apply forward OOTF / Apply Inverse OOTF in the Color Space Transform OFX).

Many thanks for your reply :)



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