Mark Mulcaster

Sony BVM Monitor Calibration question

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I asked my Sony BVM X300 to have a calibration check as i was concerned that someone had been playing with the settings, when presented a pluge test pattern to the monitor everything was sat-up and soit has been corrected.

I was told that they've ran colorimetry calibration on the monitor in question but i can see a slight but visable red tint to the blacks, i ran a quick test on lightspace over lunch and for the most part the colorimetry looked pretty good but sure and sure can be the red channel kicked up right at the bottom of the scale. 

I dont want to tweak anything myself as what lightspace is displaying on my screen looks arguably fine all except right down at the black end of the scale. Any suggestions or ideas as to how this may have happened.

Ive run a similar test on another X300 and that doesn't have the same problem but didnt get chance to compare settings....any ideas or is this something that has too many variables?



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Mark, are you using an external LUT box to calibrate the Sony, or just using the in-built (and very limited) grey scale calibration Sony provide?

As Abby hints at, we are not impressed with Sony's lack of professional in-built calibration capabilities in any of their displays. In today's world there is no excuse for not providing full user calibration via external calibration systems to upload accurate 3D LUTs.


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