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I just got access to a laptop with the following specs, is that good enough to run Avid and Premiere? 

3,1 GHz 512 GB, 4 GB VRAM (2017)

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Seems like a good spec for a laptop so I'm sure it would be fine to run Avid.

If you don't need all the features of the latest 2019 version, you could install an earlier stable version, which would probably run more smoothly.

Most modern laptops seem to be able to handle 4K , especially if you're using a half resolution display mode, but will struggle  once you start loading up the effects on the timeline. This is especially true once the CPU/GPU start running hot and the laptop can't dissipate the heat fast enough.

Not sure with Premiere since I don't really use it, but GPU performance is much more important than it is with Avid. I know they removed earlier versions from the Adobe downloads because of a dispute with Dolby, so you'll need to try it out. Does your laptop really have 512 GB RAM?

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