Frank Wylie

Scream Grain Reduction/Noise Reduction in 4K Spirit Transfers

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In addition to learning DaVinci Resolve, I am also getting a baptism of fire in learning the operation of a 4K Spirit Datacine with the Bones Post Production Software.

Being that I tend to work with some pretty dreadful film elements, I am researching noise reduction in digital scans.

The 4K Spirit here has the Scream Grain Reduction option licensed, and I am picking the brains of Patrick Kennedy, who is our in-house datacine operator, but I was hoping to find other resources I could use to understand the basic concepts NR in the Thompson hardware.

I would imagine literature on this subject is fairly rare, but would be happy to hear of any references you might have.

The concepts I need to wrap my brain around are:

Contour Correction (Contour, Balance H3/V3, Coring), Peaking Frequency (Horiz/Vertical), Aperture (gain/peak) and the adjustments on Scream Grain Reduction (Primary, Secondary, Luminance and Chroma).

Thanks in advance!



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