Raul Rodriguez

color are wrong after export the video

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Try rendering these out as Rec-709 scene. The color profile should be 1-1-1, not 1-2-1. Then if you open in Quicktime player, preview, youtube, etc it should be a closer match to resolve. If you open the file in VLC player it should be almost an exact match. 

Hope that helps,

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Look now say 1-1-1 but like you said when i open on quicktime doesnt look exact like davinci if i open on vlc look exact like davinci but when i post to social media look off like in quicktime

Screenshot 2024-07-02 at 10.38.58 AM.png

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Yes so now that the color profile is correct as 1-1-1 you may need to apply a trim correction on render. 

Take a screen shot of a single frame in QuickTime. Import that shot into the timeline. 

Go to your original shot that is graded in davinci and take a still. 

now reference the davinci still, color correct the still from QuickTime to match. 

that correction will be the offset. Apply the offset correction node to the tail end of your node tree and render the original davinci shot. 

this should then match when reviewing in QuickTime Player.

Helpful tip- use curves and saturation only to achieve the trim, not lift gamma gain so that the offset tracks better across shots.  

Hope that helps! 

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