Gabriel Mayorquin

Color Grading on IMac Pro w/ Flanders DM160

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I am new to color grading on a more professional level.  I've slowly been getting into it and I just bought my first color grading Monitor Flanders DM160.

Since I began color grading Ive been dealing with the whole editing on a Mac situation with the export looking super different on every device.  Since then I've been able to color grade and somewhat get the "same" export looking very close on IO devices, Web, and DCP's surprisingly.  Usually by using the REC-709A Tags.

Just when i thought i had it somewhat figured out... I decide to get a color grading monitor, and I love how it looks on the Flanders, but it doesn't look the same on my Imac. and when exporting its all over the place. 

So my question is...

How do I go about preferences on Davinci, as well as project settings.

For preferences:

I always have the: Use IMac display for users (checked) as well as the: Automatically Tag Rec. 709 to Rec.709A (Checked).

Then for Project Settings:

color profile: Davinci YRGB

Timeline color: to Davinci WG/Intermediate

Output color space Rec.709A

Then i will have the color transform in the beginning and then at the end.

The beginning one is:


arri log C

to Davinci YRGB & Davinci WG Intermediate.

The Ending one being Rec. 709 (since theres no 709A there).

and Gammara 2.4

which is the already calibrated flanders monitor.

What am i doing wrong? I really want to just look at the Flanders and feel confident that what i'm coloring, exporting is at least similar for playback on a Mac.

Leading to my other question. 

My goal is to color for film, online, and commercial.  Should i work on ACES? but then how does that work with Mac if so how to set it up?

right now im still leaning a lot on looking at the IMac for color reference, and i get have to test it out in different monitors, but the exports are just so different that I know im doing something wrong.

Hoping to learn something new, Appreciate anyone who responds.

thank you.




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