Darren Shearer

Baselight Editions for Avid crashing when on a top track

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Hi All,  I am experiencing a significant amount of crashes when I put Baselight on the top track of edits with other effects below. Is this a metadata confusion or maybe something being caused by Baselight needing to see through the effects below to the actual clip? 

Any help/insight would be appreciated as I really like using Baselight as an overall treatment layer but it's not working out too well right now.




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Hi Darren,

Tried a quick test and couldn't reproduce your crash.

So, Baselight on layer 3 with shots on layer 1. Various effects added to shot layer and layer 2, including Avid native effects and a couple of BCC  effects. Not done anything too dramatic like stacked  effects or multiple Baselight layers.

Specs of this test setup:

HP G9 Laptop with Nvidia graphics, 32MB RAM, MC 2018.12.15, Baselight version 5.3.16760, no external hardware (eg. Ultrastudio).



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Hi Bruno, Thanks for trying to simulate my conundrum!  I have found that Paint Effects or Spot Colors with a lot of feather can be the biggest culprits, but it seems like you have tried a good variety of effects in there. I am on Avid 2018 and on BL for Avid 5.2137.

We had some success on one of our stations turning off the cache, but not so much for mine.

Thanks again for the help Bruno and any further insights would be much appreciated!


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Hi Darren,

I can confirm that by adding a Paint effect (with a circular blur) would cause a crash in the Baselight plugin, and I didn't need to add any feathering.

It seems to happen when you actually park on the shot with the paint effect. I can see some sort of revolving icon in the extreme top left of the Baselight window, and then everything stops. 

If you render the Paint effect first, then there's no problem with Baselight, so this is the workaround for now. It must be something to do with the real-time rendering of this effect that's causing some issue with the Baselight plugin.

Might be worth a support call to Filmlight, who are pretty good in this area.

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