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Add audio clips to a complete video timeline in Davinci resolve

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I had a timeline with my edit (color, etc) without audio.

I received the audio from the sound guy, I synchronise audio and video on the media pool without any problem, and now my question: How can I add those "new" audio channels "automatically" to the timeline?.

They were sync by timecode. 

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I don't know of an 'automatic' function, however, if the timecodes of the audio and grade match, then isn't this  just a matter of matching them on the timeline when inserting your audio?

If not, then off the top of my head...

Lay the synced video and audio such that the video is on a track above your grade and the audio on the relevant audio tracks.

Now slip this video & audio so the picture matches the graded shot below. You could use a cut point or any other matching action. To aid this match, you could set the transparency of this video layer to 50% so that you'll see both images superimposed. Once you're happy, just delete the top video track.

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