Luca Di Gioacchino

Flanders Scientific DM240 for sale ($6000 CAD)

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I am selling my Flanders Scientific DM240, which I bought a few years (around 2019-2020), but have hardly used. I graded only one feature film on it, and that's it. In all, it was used for under 100 hours.

It is like new.

I live in Montreal, Canada.
The price is in Canadian dollars, which, as of this writing, equates to roughly 4,600 USD and 4,400 EU.

Shipping and all other charges not included.  I will throw in an SDI cable and BMD's UltraStudio Monitor 3G in for free.
I can send you a 
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Hi Luca!

This is Teodor  (you can call me Teo!), sending a message from Serbia :D
I am interested in your FSI DM240 and would love to purchase it from you, if you still have it available!
I hope I didn't see the post too late!

I have a friend who lives close to Montreal, he would pick it up, or we'd arrange for you to ship it to Serbia (I'd cover the cost, of course)!

This is the first time that I use this website, I am not sure how communication usually goes, I'd recommend for us to either move to email, some other platform, or even direct messages here, if they exist, since sharing personal information might not be ideal in a comment section hahahaha 

Thank you in advance, sending positive energy from Serbia!

With gratitude, 


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