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Unsure if these match

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I'm grading a music video and something about these two stills I'd bothering me. They're two different lighting situations and something is just bothering me about it. The first one looks alot more natural and subtle to me. Any feedback would be appreciated 



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Strangely I read the two shots different and think the last shot is the most natural one. The first shot has quite infected blacks, less natural skin tones and greens that can't be found in real nature. If you want shots from different locations and light to match, it could be an idea to determine some factors that should be the same between shots, e.g that blacks should be black.

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Are these two shots meant to match?

Two different locations with completely different lighting. You can see from the windows of the interior shot,  the daylight is somewhat cool, so it's obvious the artist is being lit by artificial light.

Music videos often have completely different lighting between locations. 

What was the Director's/DOP's intention?

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