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Kodak Vision 2383 Greenery Reproduction

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19 minutes ago, Yergazy said:

@Anton Meleshkevich Здравствуй Бро! Можешь объяснить как решили проблему? И что означает AWG?

Hi! AWG is ALEXA Wide Gamut.

I either work using the LUT or just use HSL curves to emulate 2383 colors. Especially when I create LUTs for another colorists who's pipeline is often based on ACES in Baselight.
To change brightness of high saturated colors I use this technique (video related)
It works differently compared to 2383 LUT. But if it looks good who cares.

Last time I created LUTs for TV series I've used RGB mixer to emulate 2383 colors.
I understand that I don't get nonlinear color shifts this LUT have, but simple RGB matrix work way better in terms of noise and artifacts.
I'm a big fan of RGB mixer (or matrix) as a tool for creating looks.

And I actually just replicate this greenery shift in portions I need. I don't fight with it.


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On 6/24/2018 at 5:07 AM, cameronrad said:

Quick video of Printing Density ICC method I was experimenting with. Using the Resolve Rec.709 Kodak 2383 D65 LUT and Adobe's Kodak 5205 Printing Density ICC.


The video link doesn't seem to be working anymore. Could anyone please tell me how he used the ICC profile?

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