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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, Regarding my future bachelor degree work of Remote Color Grading, I have to get more details for my statistics. Can you help me out to have some contacts or more details for my research? I will compare the communication from a normal session to a remote session in daily business. And as well, if this technology will be a standard soon in future. Maybe you know some colorists, which already do remote color grading daily. Thanks for your help. Stefan
  2. Hi. I wonder what others use for remote sessions? Streambox seems like a good solution but a bit pricey for small shop like mine. Chroma models are around 10k sender and 7k receiver units so that got me thinking a bit as session frequency is not that high now. I know there are some older models as well. Usually we do offline remote as we work on a job, send it in for comments but sometimes it seems that having agency wants to be in as well.