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  1. I see compression parameters in the codec edit section on the render page. I am running 5.2.12039
  2. This is the info I got from Arri support-- I would recommend involving them right away. This may also involve getting a test roll of film from arri to verify your scans. I was given this info 3 years ago--maybe its been updated. Output Academy Printing Density.pdf
  3. Thanks for the reply Andy. It was my understanding from talking to some of the scanner manufacturers that they were working on that feature where the machine could do that. The only machine /company that gave me their procedure/workflow was Arri. DFT (as of February) is working on it.
  4. Was just curious about your choice of ADX over something like traditional cineon log. How many scanners out there can actually or are doing ADX scans?
  5. Amazing the amount of color complaints due to the NCLC issue & color tagging. So many clients judging color based on how QT viewer displays it. My client was comparing a 4 week old render to the new software render & explain its due to the metadata in the viewer. "The files color is the same" I did see a colleague show FCP X making the files look like "red channel only" images. Good Times.