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  1. Hello, I try to find a setting in Baselight to render a good-looking h264 mp4 file. But the settings to render a h264-file a quite complex and I got not very pleasant results. The goal is to get results like out of Media Encoder, so that you don`t have to do two renderings (from ProRes to h264) and find maybe three default render-setups. Has somebody any advice? Thank you
  2. Thanks for your reply! I just want to know how others do it, because for me it is kind of risky doing it out of the Grading-timeline with all my grades in it. By the way it was nice to meet you in Munich!
  3. Hello, maybe something different and not so into colour... but how the features you work on will be finished? Is it done like in Flame or Smoke? Or is it done in the Grading-system? Our Finishing-Tool is Baselight but there can be some problems with it, especially with Audio you can get in trouble. I just like to hear how your experience is. Best regards from Munich Aljoscha