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  1. Really good to see this Sir. Keeo filling As a useful hint: I use mine in a Maxpedition Ironcloud, as it is lighter than a peli and becomes a rucksack. I did have the Peli and used to put it inside a larger Maxpedition Iron Storm to carry it. That worked better than the RucPac option to add straps to the peli. Keep making cool stuff and hopefully we can get it in the UK again soon. In the meantime, Tangent also confirmed they are offering their version of the fascia: "We are already offering a service where the fascias of your panels are changed for the new extra durable paint finish in the UK. The cost for the full bundle of 4 panels would be £350 plus £12 return shipping."
  2. Worth saying the BVMX300 maybe, and not the PVM LCD 300! I very nearly overpaid for a PVM a year or so ago Maybe worth specifying BVM X300 mark2 as well.