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  1. Thanks Lee! That is what I assumed... the clone tool was working so good I just simply needed to add some rotate (or better yet have a "pen" option) but I assumed that was a limitation of the plugin... anyway thanks for the tutorial and the quick reply!
  2. After watching Lee's tutorial I am trying to remove a string blowing in the wind (attached to a pole) and the adaptive blend of the Patch Replacer OFX is working great EXCEPT it would be super helpful to be able to rotate the window (either oval or rectangle) Is there anyway to do that? I can't seem to find a way 🙂
  3. Thanks Lee! I am trying to remove a string blowing in the wind (attached to a pole) and the adaptive blend of the Patch Replacer OFX is working great EXCEPT it would be super helpful to be able to rotate the window (either oval or rectangle) Is there anyway to do that? I can't seem to find a way 🙂
  4. So lets say you are working on a monitor that isn't really optimized for P3 (a home monitor which is good but no flanders scientific) and you were working in an ACES color space and can preview sRGB and rec709 on your monitor well, would it be very difficult to transform that grade for P3? I know this is the reverse of what an ideal set up would be but... I think more of us are likely to go that route as many don't have access (or enough full time access) to that calibre grading suite.
  5. Hey there, I am relatively new at all of this so sorry for requesting what may be "basic knowledge help" 🙂 Set Up - BlackMagic Pocket 6k & 4k camera's filming 3:1 / 5:1 BRAW in 6k/4k 24fps. EDITING - DR 16 Studio - LONG periods of filming in an attempt to capture "magic" moments in nature (ie film "trap" scenarios waiting for the animals to enter frame etc...) Goals - As much of this footage will be totally unusable I want the ability to review footage daily and "sub-clip" out the usable footage and resave it as BRAW to preserve full flexibility for post when I start to edit. - Looking for advice on a workflow that will allow me to not break metadata from the camera, add new metadata to the "Sub-Clips" and overall make for as seamless of a workflow process as possible moving forward. - Any "hand-holding" on your advice would be appreciated as like i said I am relatively new to this. I am a director / cameraperson who is attempting to also be my projects "assistant editor" and I am looking to set up my "future-projects editor" for success and learn a lot myself in the process. Any pointers and advice will be very welcome (BTW, I have done a few days of "research" on this however I keep getting either very conflicting views or things I am not fully understanding which is why I am coming here) Thanks!
  6. **UPDATE** I spent the better part of today, digging deep in other forum posts on other sites and many of the questions I THINK I may have figured out but now I would really love some feedback on specific settings to make sure I do indeed have everything set correctly before I import the remainder of the timelines. Feathered Motion Issue & Non-Square Pixels issues - were solved in the Clip Attributes section (sorry I should have known that... n00b) Project Organization - I imported all the footage and set up the Project the best I could BEFORE importing the first timeline. I changed the clip attributes for the footage found in that "to be imported" timeline and it would appear that DR did not duplicate footage but instead linked it all so that is great news! I have created a Google Doc with setting and screen shots (commenting has been left on but not edit privileges) found HERE *If you have SD experience I would greatly appreciate it if you could look at the setting I have and let me know if some are not set correctly* QUESTIONS REMAINING (for now): Project Settings Data levels - Should it be Full or Video? Video Monitoring - Video Format - HD1080psF23.976 Is this correct? Frame Interpolation - I have Optical Flow, Enhanced Better, and Medium (should that be Larger or Small?) Image Scaling - Resize Filter- I have Smoother but should it be other? Clip Attributes Data Levels - should it be Auto, Video or Full (Full seems to have a less contrasty image but not sure if there is more data) Super Scale - Still not sure about this, now I have it off but is there a way to make use of this?
  7. Az Kola - Was nice enough to respond to my FB post about this and suggested I export an XML and watch the "Lesson 03 - Sending a Premiere Pro timeline to DaVinci Resolve" from LowePosts Conforming video tutorial series which was indeed helpful however I have run into some of the same issues that I had in the past when "stabbing in the dark" at this as there are still several specific 24p / SD to HD issues which I can not get a handle on: Feathered Motion Issue - I believe "field dominance" is off and creating a feathered effect with quick motion I don't see a way to adjust this as my timeline is HD but the footage was shot 4:3 / SD. I see where some of the options are available IF I were in an SD timeline but not in an HD timeline. Square Pixels vs. Non-Square - The image is a bit stretched (subtle but there) due to the fact that the 1920x1080 timeline is Square Pixels and the Original footage is non-square. I am obviously fine with black bars on the left and right (which I do have now) to accommodate for the 4:3 aspect ratio but I don't want the image distorted as it is now. Project Organization - Assuming I can figure out how to make this work, I would love to maintain a neat and orderly folder structure similar to the one I have in Premiere (which does mimic what I have on my HDD folder structure). When I bring in timelines to DR it brings in only the clips that I have in that timeline and of course not in a folder structure. Cleaning up one timeline wouldn't be that big of an issue but if I were to bring in a one or two dozen timelines that would be super time consuming and tedious. Is there a way to IMPORT all the Media into the DR project before hand so when I import individual timelines it finds/links or otherwise does not duplicate the clips from the timelines on import? (does that make sense?) Any Suggestions?
  8. That has always been on of my issues with these types of things... more about what the knobs do and less about workflows and real world problem solving... But as I mentioned I haven't really gotten my hands dirty with the color tuts here on Lowepost and will do so in the weeks to come!
  9. Thanks for your candid and honest response Tom. I admittedly have not moved on to the Color Grading Tutorials here at Lowepost yet (still concerned more with editing with the new course here and with the BMD supplied manual and tutorials) but am now looking even more forward to digging in.
  10. That does seem expensive, and his "over-salemans-ship" makes me nervous for sure. I personally would also like to find a very detailed online course to take... there are a lot of great courses for getting up and running, and the Lowpost courses are also great here, (which is why I joined) but it still would be great to have another outlet for real world techniques and problem solving workflows. So many courses are simple explainers as to what a "thing" does where I would really love to find something that gets to the heart of the matter. Not sure if this is any better but this guy Warren Eagle has some decent looking courses at FXPHD which is about 1/2 the cost of the link you posted. Let me know if you find something worth while!
  11. Hello, I have a bit of a unique case and would love any/all feedback on setting up my timeline correctly for delivery success. FYI - I am a director/DP who is teaching myself editing but still relatively clumsy in an NLE. I am hoping to be proficient enough to be my own "junior editor" for my feature doc projects. Keeping my naiveté in mind when giving advice will be super helpful to me and help reduce "follow up" questions 🙂 Goal - Deliver a 2k (DCP) short feature (60min) documentary film consisting of SD (4:3) archival footage which was shot on the DVX100a 13 years back. All footage is SD there will be no mixed media. It is imperative that the upscale and text on screen look as good as possible. The Situation - Footage is currently in a Premiere Pro project (60+ hrs) pretty well organized and close to ready to be delivered to the editor (lets say it is "pre-edited" now). We have known essential scenes and shots translated (org. language is Bengali, translated to English) and we have .srt's of said translations. I would be "fine" with doing the edit in PP, however it is seemingly impossible to import subtitles in a format other than .scc or a very stripped down .srt. As such the styling and resolution of the subtitles would all need to be redone in PP and from what I understand DR will allow me to work with the .srt files seamlessly, change all the params on the text and even export a new .srt file. As such I am inclined to import each timeline into DR and attach the .srt files in DR and finish the edit, color and delivery there. Problems to Solve: SD --> HD upres for delivery - Some have suggested the "super scale" function in DR 16 could work well in this case but I have been having a hard time finding information on the best way to set up a timeline for this specific case use (or really any decent info on settings or techniques to try within Super Scale. What would you suggest? Proper Timeline Set Up - I know this is super important when starting any project and as I am less familiar with SD tech (or lack thereof) I am even more hesitant to stab in the dark on this. I would hate to create a problem at the onset which would become problematic on delivery. Everything was shot in 24p btw. Any suggestions on not only setting up the DR timeline but exporting the PP timeline(s) or project if possible (I would rather import a complete project but if I need to go timeline by timeline I will). Subtitle gotcha's or Pitfalls - So I was a bit heartbroken to learn that the .srt files have very limited functionality in PP, and I would love to know what are the pitfalls I could experience in DR before I make the belabored effort of migrating the entire project over. Any, life experience help or suggestions would be super helpful! Again, any advice, guidance is very much welcome and appreciated. Thx!