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  1. In most of my cases, the client wants an exact match that has nothing to do with interpolation modes. These are always brought over with an AAF from a media composer. An example is, if I had a variable speed effect (in media composer) ramping from 50% slow motion up to 200% back down to 110% to 80% over the course of the shot. I'd like to see if there is a process to make a matching effect in Resolve from the Avid. When I say matching I mean the Resolve equivalent of an avid Fluid timewarp to a resolve optical flow effect. Also, should the AAF not create the match I want in the resolve, how about a good instruction on how to map the frames or tweak speeds manually based on percentages and timecodes to match in the Resolve in the most efficient way. I know many finishing editors that would tell me to make an "optical" in the avid and send that to Resolve. I don't want to do that. It takes too long and there should be a way to do the effect in Resolve with a perfect match.
  2. Since I am primarily a finisher, I'd firstly like to know how to take a bat sh*t crazy variable time ramp from an avid effect and recreate it to match in resolve quickly and accurately. But in addition to this, it would be great to really crack into the time adjustment controls in Resolve to get a better handle on building custom speed effects from scratch. Maybe some real world examples. But yes mostly taking another NLE variable speed ramp and copying it.
  3. I'd like to humbly request an in depth class on speed manipulation of video within Resolve. Specifically when an editor turns over a timeline with variable speed ramps with keyframes and one needs to copy it within Resolve for finishing. The speed tools in Resolve remain a mystery to many and this would be a great thing for finishers to learn. Thank you,
  4. Very valuable software agnostic insight from a professional. Very cool idea for a class. Lowe Post nailed it with this one.
  5. Fantastic conform course. Thanks Kevin!
  6. Hello, I would like to see a Davinci Resolve Fusion tutorial here on painting out/cleaning up fluid or optical motion artifacts. I know there are many settings in the speed controls to minimize these artifacts, but many shots that have been time adjusted simply need a frame by frame cleanup of these artifacts. I'd love to learn how to take the speed effected clip and the original and learn to combine them to paint out issues. Also, an in depth grain matching tutorial for paint fixes in fusion would be incredible too. Thank you, Ben
  7. Thank you, Lee! Is there a way to do this action on the timeline in the edit tab? 😎
  8. I need help revealing a text element with an image in a shot. Someone walking by and revealing text. Can you help??
  9. Finally some practical training on this software! These real world tutorials are such a rarity. Thank you for this and looking forward to more detailed real world scenarios. I'd love to see this trainer help teach us how to match grain in Fusion. Even building on his car planar tutorial.