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  1. I've made several attempts over the last few months to purchase Neat Video, however with each order made, a couple of days later Neat Video cancels the purchase and refunds my money, no explanation is provided and e-mails made to sales are not returned. Someone on RedUser say's that my IP may have been blacklisted(for reasons unbeknownst to me) by Neat Video, however I've tried to purchase the plug-in using various computers(at both the studio and elsewhere.) as well as using a VPN, I've also tired a variety of payment methods using both business accounts and personal, none-the-less, the result has been the same. I've also read on various forums that other potential clients have had similar experiences with Neat Video, in some cases having to wait weeks to receive a refund when Neat Video failed to deliver a link to download the plug-in... Might anyone have any insight as to what is happening? Has anyone had success in purchasing and downloading the plugin in the last year? Kind Regards, James
  2. Cool find! I've noticed that many post-houses are now using LiveGrain over the many alternatives... Incidentally, I've been told that it's absurdly priced. Does anyone know exactly how much it goes for?