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  1. I had a custom mapping with everything but its stopped working and I thought I could restore and redo the file again but apparently something funny is happening because it does not save new setups I create. It's a simple XML file that drives the whole thing!
  2. Shift+D only bypass the grade, if you want disable all the grade the shortcut is Alt+D (Mac). For the selected Node it would be cmd+D. Also, you can disable in the settings.
  3. Hi there, Does anyone would be kind and share our Avid Artist Color settings? Mine stopped working and stupidly I restored the file and now I cannot redo the file and reassign to my taste. Cheers
  4. Davi Silva


    I like books about arts, books about photography. Understand look and how to bring what the scene needs is something you learn by experience. For me the best way to learn is working as an assistant of a good Colourist.
  5. Hi Nicolas, I didn't explain very well. So let's do it again. Opt 1: you simply past using the Alt-key together with Crtl+V or Cmd+V. It would be Alt+Ctrl+V or Alt+Cmd+V Opt 2: At any time you can bring the later you are working up or down in the timeline by using the "brackets key" [ brings the first frame of the later at the position you are aiming, the ] brings the last frame. I hope it's better explained now. See you
  6. Im a passionate Finishing Editor. I have started in this business in late 90's and have worked pretty much in all type of production (believe me, everything from A to Z).

    I worked for many years as a compositor and I am very comfortable with AE (15+ years) and lately Nuke (5+ years). 

    A ton of experience in Avid and Resolve and a desire to learn more about Smoke.


    So this is me, please if you want to learn anything I'm very happy to share what I know.

  7. If I understood what you asked. I would do the normal pasting method and press [ or ] to bring the content to the place I want.