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  1. Nice course.... interesting insights....motivating freedom of creativity.... (Safari on Mac is slow... with the new interface )
  2. I now and then need to remove or reduce the amount of smoke (from ships) What is best way to do this?
  3. Overlaying a clip to match instead off a reference clip... what I foud out years a ago is to make the reference footge 50% transparant and invert it... you directly see the match which is completely grey... what is not matching will be embossed.
  4. Great. Although I have already over 1 year experience with DaVinci Resolve, there is always something you didn't know.!.
  5. Nice. Short. And good step by step. Like to see more! Still I have 'problems' with the hierarchy of the nodes. Still need tot trial and error which node comes first. Is there a way of understanding?
  6. In the Adobe workflow you can change text to all caps. This is very useful when you copy text delivered by clients. That way you reduce making mistakes as you do not need to retype. I could not find all caps parameters in Fusion. IS there any solution in Fusion?
  7. Great tutorial about the macro's and drag and drop from desktop, very interesting insight for developing workflows. Thanks for answering about anchor points (pivot)
  8. Do you know the answer to my question?
  9. Could not figure out yet (maybe overlooked). But how can I change the text to all CAPS or all lowercast...?
  10. Check, I tested. Understand it. So this is also a solution for layering fusion compositions? As I also am not able to select a fusion comp and edit it when multiple layers of fusion comp are in the timeline. only the above one opens in fusion. I use this technique to time animations with music for example.
  11. check. Thanks. I'll test it to understand it completely...
  12. What does this number, '0' mean. If I make another MediaOut it gets the number '1' and this MediaOut won't be visible in the timeline of DV15.
  13. Like to see a lot. Just step by step is great. All the basics is a great way to start and help using Fusion. Maybe add a lesson to walk through all the nodes / tools and explain when to use.
  14. Ok, just a beginner in Fusion... how can I move the anchor point, as for a rectangle there isn't... So I try to understand the way of thinking.
  15. Great. Just orientating and new to Fusion. Known to AE. Trying to understand the workflow.... looking forward to learn a lot.