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  1. Amazing course as allways, If I may add some knowledge. On the color page tracker, choosing the frame option lets you keyframe everytime you do a change on the mask, I find it easier than using keyframe window.
  2. Ei Marc, I think the issue is due to the usb, I changed to ethernet and the issue disapeared. Now my knobs are little bit laggy but at least there is no crash. I'm using a i9 64gb ram dual 1070, and I do work usually with around 20 fixed nodes, but I tried and this issue can be replicated with 2 nodes. I do think is a hardware problem.
  3. I encountered this problem when on the mini panel and the tab is on key palette+enable/disable. I tried contact bmd several times and at the end i was lost in oblivion again.
  4. I gotta say friday i delivered a commercial in Europe and the specs where HD 422 1080i I was suprised they didn't ask anything else.
  5. Amazing article I have been following " The way of the printer lights" since I read Walter and Marc talk about this